Playing harmonica offers so much more than just the musical aspect: it is good for your soul and good for your health. Good for your soul, because it’s great fun and you can simply blow stress and anxiety away! Good for your health, because by breathing deeply on a regular basis, you can help improve breath control and increase lung capacity. Deep breathing also aids relaxation, which in turn can help regulate blood pressure.

While this is indisputably good for anyone, we want to especially encourage people suffering from the Post Covid Syndrome to include the harmonica in their breathing exercises. For more enjoyment and increased perseverance in these difficult times.



When developing the Speedy, we wanted to create a diatonic beginners instrument that would be perfect for children – hence the durable construction and large, widely separated holes.

Who knew that it would turn out to be perfect for initial orientation not just for children, but for adults as well? Within minutes, you’ll be able to play your first melodies on this wonderful learners harmonica.

Four holes can allow you to play thousands of songs, so everyone can play their favorite piece on this instrument. No matter which musical style you like best, interpretations on the Speedy are always possible. Share your favorites with the community and inspire others!



The world’s smallest gym: Mattias Bogefors

A few years after suffering a bad whiplash injury, Mattias picked up the harmonica. With the support of his physiotherapists, he discovered that playing the harmonica had many similarities with the gentle and subtle exercises he was already doing clinically. The harmonica has helped Mattias find his way back into life, which is why he calls it "the smallest gym in the world" or "just a medical instrument".

For more than 20 years, he has been passing on his experience by means of his specially developed therapeutic concept to private clients, patient organizations and hospitals in Sweden and the Netherlands, thus helping struggling people with a wide variety of problems, including respiratory diseases and medical conditions affecting the neck, jaw and tongue. The deep breathing is also beneficial for coping with pain and anxiety. Thanks to Mattias' efforts, people have been able to sustainably improve their quality of life, and have lots of fun in the process!




Get out in nature and show us how breathing music makes you feel happy, peaceful and free. Upload your best moments with the harmonica on Instagram, tag #breathehohner and link @hohnermusic and get a chance to win 2 x 300 € or one of 18 sets of Speedys (contains 12 instruments) to help you spread the idea among your friends and family!